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Cloud-Based Solutions

Our cloud-based solutions are built just for you. With a customizable, intuitive dashboard and personalized ordering options, the Integris system is just what you’ve been looking for. Work from anywhere with an internet connection so you can keep up with your demanding job without worrying about your background checks. Your data is encrypted, and your account is secure with multi-factor authentication. You can even add allowable IP addresses to your account for an added layer of security. The dashboard is updated in real time so you can see exactly where things stand. Add our electronic onboarding and I-9 processing and take your efficiency to the next level.

Personalized Service

Our purpose is to be the best business partner you have ever worked with, and our practices are grounded in that purpose. Integris is customer-focused with an uncompromising commitment to service. Our consumer-friendly practices ensure your applicants experience the same level of service if they have questions about their background check. No call centers, no outsourcing, just real service.

Accurate Reporting

We are committed to only the best investigation and reporting practices to ensure you get the most up-to-date and accurate information. We only report records from the official source and our quality control process guarantees duplicate records are never reported. Our process helps you remain in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations while aiding you in your fair chance hiring efforts and protecting the rights of the applicant.


With full access to Integris compliance experts, you can rest assured you have the information needed to create background screening policies and procedures compliant with FCRA, EEOC, and local regulations. Our certified FCRA experts are ready to help you work through the myriad of regulations impacting background checks. Take advantage of our ongoing education tools at any time with our library of resources and custom training.

Electronic Onboarding

Our support doesn’t end with the background check. Take advantage of our electronic onboarding packages for a seamless hiring process. Deliver your employee handbook and have new hires complete customized onboarding paperwork through our dynamic Applicant Portal: Handbook Acknowledgment, Confidentiality Agreement, Emergency Contact Form, Direct Deposit Form, Self ID Forms, and more. Add Electronic I-9 processing, and you’re set.

ATS Integrations 

With the ability to integrate our system to your ATS, you can combine the best background screening directly with the system you’re already using in one easy step. Contact us to learn more.


We understand that once you’ve made a conditional offer, you need to get new hires to work quickly and waiting on the background check can be frustrating. At Integris, we search locations in-house that offer remote access so in many cases, you get the background check back the same day. If a county requires researcher or court clerk assistance, we work with the best vendors who share our commitment to quality data and quick turnaround. Our system automatically generates ETAs on all searches based on historical data for that county, so you always know what to expect. If there is a delay, we will update the ETA and let you know why on your dashboard.

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